We would like to introduce you to some of the stars of Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital—our veterinary technicians. These hard working individuals can be found taking X-rays, assisting with surgery, caring for hospitalized pets, inducing and monitoring anesthesia, preparing and analyzing laboratory samples, performing dental procedures, drawing blood, assisting with appointments, talking with clients, reassuring anxious patients, and so much more. They are an integral part of our team, and we thank our lucky stars for them.  

Meet our veterinary technician: Meredith Williams

Speaking of stars, did you know that Meredith Williams is a real live rock star? She is a vocalist who has toured with a hard rock band and worked with some big industry names, and her music can be found on YouTube and all major music streaming platforms. When she isn’t rocking, you may find her putting her Master Stylist skills to work giving someone the perfect haircut, being the cool aunt to her sister’s three kids, or enjoying some tasty Thai food. Meredith shares her house with four furry family members—Teddy the cuddler extraordinaire and self-proclaimed home security dog, Prudence the lap-stealer who loves to bark at everything, Lilybug the sweet, snuggly, perfect angel-of-a-dog, and last but certainly not least, Khaleesi (i.e., Kiki) the independent, sassy ball of floof kitty. Meredith started her vet tech journey two years ago and loves every part of her job, from getting puppy kisses, to drawing blood, to taking X-rays, and finds joy in interacting with animals, knowing she is making a difference in their lives.  

Meet our veterinary technician: Maribel Pedroza

Our vet techs are a musical bunch, as Maribel Pedroza also shares Meredith’s love for song, albeit a different style. Maribel participated in choir throughout grade school, and because she sings best in Spanish, dreams of someday being in a Mariachi band. She has wanted to work in the veterinary industry since she was 9 years old, and loves being a vet tech because she has the opportunity to advocate for all pets, and treat them like her own. She had set her sights on working as a Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital vet tech for several years, so was thrilled when a job opened up. Maribel describes her human and furry family members as her world, and jokes that she and her parents are like the three musketeers because they do everything together. Three chihuahuas, rescues Chiquita and Gizmo and spoiled princess Shiloh, as well as a crazy cat named Kira, and the old man, Kobe, complete her family. Maribel loves reading and eating watermelon, and would rather hit the spa for some pampering than spend the weekend camping.  

Meet our veterinary technician: Toni Harris

Toni Harris wanted to work with animals from a young age, and finally turned that dream into a reality about five years ago when she went back to school to pursue a new career as a vet tech. She has achieved her Elite Fear Free Certification, which is the highest possible certification level, and she loves being a voice for her patients. Toni has been married to her handsome husband for 22 years, and has a 29-year-old step-son and 19- and 16-year-old daughters. An elderly Chihuahua mix, a nervous rottweiler-shepherd cross, and a snuggly pit bull mix round out the household. Toni enjoys painting and tapping into her creative side, as well as weight training and other physical activities, and hopes to someday travel to Europe. If you are having a rough day, Toni is the one to look for, because she has a special knack for cheering up people.   

Meet our veterinary technician: Michelle Pente

Michelle Pente hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where her parents and siblings still live.  Despite the distance separating them, Michelle and her parents are extremely close and talk multiple times a day. Her husband, Brendan, is a fantastic artist and craftsman with family ties to Texas. Originally a plumber and gasfitter, Michelle’s love of science and animals led her to become a vet tech, and her desire to work in a Fear Free Certified Practice brought her to Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital. Her favorite parts of the job are learning new things and knowing that at the end of the day, she helped animals and their owners. Michelle and Brendan share their home with two rescue Chihuahua mixes, Buddha and Throwie, and soon will be adding a werewolf cat named Chupacabra. Chips are her favorite food, and whipping up a delicious meal with whatever ingredients she happens to have on hand is her secret talent.  

The next time you call or visit Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital, let Meredith know that you heard one of her songs, bring Maribel some watermelon, find out what Toni has painted recently, or ask Michelle to show you a picture of her new werewolf cat—and, most importantly, thank them for all the ways they love and serve your pets.