Do’s and Don’ts for Helping Your Specially Abled Pet Enjoy a Fulfilling Life

By |2022-12-19T20:41:58+00:00December 17th, 2022|Chronic Illness, Senior Pets|

Every pet is special, and specially abled pets are more so. A specially abled pet may have suffered an injury,  birth defect, or disease that led to reduced—or a total loss of—vision, hearing, or mobility. Animals are amazingly resilient, and—with their family’s physical and emotional support—a specially abled pet can enjoy a long, happy [...]

5 Tips to Assess Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

By |2022-12-08T01:26:32+00:00November 7th, 2022|Senior Pets|

As your pet ages, they experience many changes—graying hair, reduced vision and hearing, decreased stamina, and an increased susceptibility for health problems. While you expect the aging process to cause your senior pet to experience health changes, you will likely have to accommodate their shifting abilities and increase their veterinary care. Aging is a slow [...]

Golden Oldies—Improving Your Senior Dog’s Daily Life

By |2022-12-08T01:26:41+00:00October 7th, 2021|Senior Pets|

Many dog owners struggle to accept that their once active and agile canine companion has become a senior citizen. In the blink of an eye, their muzzle turns grey, their eyes cloud, and their once fluid movements stiffen and slow. Conditions such as arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, cataracts, cognitive dysfunction, and sensory loss affect their [...]

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