Holley is a Fear Free Certified Professional currently obtaining her veterinary technician license and she hopes to one day specialize in behavior.  She is also a Fear Free Certified Trainer and Puppy Start Right Instructor. Holley’s current services at Star of Texas include behavior consultations, victory visits, and pet selection counseling.  In 2021 she will be offering Puppy Start Right classes as well.  She would eventually like to add kitten kindergarten, victory visits for cats, and deaf dog training to her service list.

Forming fluent communication and trust building are Holley’s main goals when working with pets in the hospital.  From a pet’s point of view, and sometimes their owners, being at the vet is a very stressful and scary experience, but it is a recurring place they will visit throughout their lives.  

From helping you find a pet that fits your home environment, to coaching you through their “terrible twos”, or troubleshooting behavior concerns through any stage of life, Holley is here to help.   

When Holley is not working with animals at Star of Texas she is a volunteer and instructor for the Paws in Prison program.  She also enjoys hiking around Texas and taking care of her outdoor and indoor plants! Holley has two dogs and a cat of her own.  Holley’s dogs are Sadie and Canton; they are both senior dachshunds who love to spend their time sleeping!  Spookie is her senior cat and queen of the house.  Spookie enjoys talking to the birds outside from her window perch and cuddling on the couch with her dogs. 
Meet our 360 Care Rep, Holley.