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An All-Consuming Illness—Pancreatitis in Pets

An internal organ leaks dangerous compounds and causes the body  to painfully consume itself from the inside out. What sounds like a science fiction plot actually describes what occurs during pancreatitis, a common inflammatory condition in pets. Unfortunately, because any outward signs are nonspecific, many pet owners miss early pancreatitis warning signs. Don’t get caught [...]

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Channel Your Puppy’s Energy to Improve Their Behavior

Puppies fill a home with laughter and love, but they also bring a supernatural amount of energy that may have you desperately looking for their off-switch. Whether you are already practicing your puppy’s basic skills at home, or feeling completely overwhelmed and exhausted, Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital has assembled the following five-step guide, to [...]

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Golden Oldies—Improving Your Senior Dog’s Daily Life

Many dog owners struggle to accept that their once active and agile canine companion has become a senior citizen. In the blink of an eye, their muzzle turns grey, their eyes cloud, and their once fluid movements stiffen and slow. Conditions such as arthritis, intervertebral disc disease, cataracts, cognitive dysfunction, and sensory loss affect their [...]

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9 Answers to Your Questions About Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

As a responsible pet owner, spaying or neutering your pet should be a priority, but you likely have questions about these procedures before proceeding. Our team at Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital would like to answer some common questions concerning spaying and neutering, to ensure you understand why these procedures are such an important choice [...]

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Kitty Cat Meet and Greet—9 Tips to Introduce Your New Cat

Whether your current cat seems lonely, or you simply want to grow your feline family and add another cat to the household, you should take a few precautions to ensure introductions go smoothly. You do not want kitty conflict to disrupt your household. Our team at Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital shares several helpful tips [...]

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6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dog Trainer

Training can benefit your dog by keeping them safe in certain situations, teaching them to handle stressful experiences, and building the trust that will ensure you and your dog form a strong bond. Since the dog training industry is unregulated, finding the right trainer can be difficult. Our team at Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital [...]

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Why Is My Dog Vomiting?

If you own a dog, you know that every vomiting episode is not cause for concern. However, some conditions that cause your dog to vomit require immediate veterinary attention. Our team at Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital wants to help you determine if your dog is in jeopardy when they vomit. Did my dog vomit [...]

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The Wrong End of the Cat – Why You May be Misunderstanding Litter Box Behavior

Cats urinating outside their litter box is frustrating for owners, and can strain the cat-owner bond. A lack of understanding about how cats express fear, stress, and displeasure is a large part of that frustration. As a Cat Friendly Practice, Star Of Texas Veterinary Hospital evaluates all aspects of feline wellbeing to reach a clear [...]

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