Lori grew up in south east Michigan and has a degree in illustration from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Lori moved to Austin in 2009 with her husband Dylan and has worked as a video game concept artist in the past. Though Lori loves art and design, her love of pets is just [...]

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Rebekkah moved to Austin in May 2013 to continue her education at Texas State University where she studied Sports Psychology. When she is not working, she is on the trails exploring new adventures with her two Siberian Huskies Jack and Achilles. Rebekkah’s hobbies include: ultra-running, camping, exploring and cooking. Rebekkah’s lively spirit and passionate nature [...]

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Krystal has lived in Austin for the majority of her life, and has worked with Dr. Samon since 2007. She loves working with both animals and people and enjoys learning new things in veterinary medicine. She has two very sweet rescued pit bulls, Jersey and Tyson, a yorkie, Pebbles, and Isaac and Sassy, her 2 [...]

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Kat has been with us since 2007. She is the “brat” of our pack! She rules the roost and lets everyone know it! She is elusive to strangers but once she gets to know you, she will talk your ear off! She has a limp due to the fact that early on in her life, [...]

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