The Fear Free Experience

We are proud to announce that our employees are “Fear Free Certified”!  What does “Fear Free” really mean to you? Fear Free is multi-faceted, but at the most basic level, it means doing our very best to take the fear out of each visit, or at the very least manage it within workable parameters.  At every opportunity we will work  to make the visit as pleasant for your pet as possible. We understand that your pet’s emotional health is just as important as their physical health.  In fact, fear, anxiety and stress can directly affect your pet’s physical health and even interfere with your pet’s the ability to heal!  This is why Fear Free is so important to us.

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Examples of how we are implementing Fear Free throughout our hospital include, but are not limited to:

*Recommendations for traveling to and from our clinic safely with your pet.

*Prescribing pre-visit anti-anxiety medications which help keep your pet as stress free as possible during travel as well as during the visit itself.

*We will be stopping procedures when a pet is too stressed to continue in an effort to keep your pet’s stress level as low as possible.  In these cases, we will work with you to create a plan which may include a sedative, or stopping the procedure and rescheduling for another day

*Administering mild sedation in hospital for procedures which are painful for a pet.

*All staff members will now carry treat bags so that your pet associates the clinic with pleasant emotions.

*We will continue to use pheromones, quiet music, treats, comfort mats and a considerate approach in our exam rooms.

*Performing procedures where the pet is most comfortable, not necessarily on the exam table in an exam room or treatment area.

*Educating our clients on Fear Free practice so that they can their pet’s visit as stress free as possible!

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