We missed seeing your smiling faces once our commitment to keep you and our staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the move to curbside appointments. We will continue to keep safety at the forefront, but we also want to bring back some of that personal connection between you and your pet’s trusted veterinarian, so Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital is offering three new appointment options. Since most people love to read internet reviews for anything from toasters to veterinarians, we thought we would give you a look at some Yap reviews of our new services. 

Service: Backyard appointments

Details: Appointments are held in the clinic backyard with all humans wearing masks, and pet owners maintaining a six-foot distance from the veterinary staff during the exam and discussion. Visits are conducted under a tent, and chairs and water are provided.

Rating: 5/5 tennis balls

This was the best visit with my veterinary friends ever! Usually I have to go into the office, where they still do a good job of making it fun, but nothing can compare with the great outdoors. So many new things to smell, and I had a great time rolling around in the soft grass, and getting loved on. Have I mentioned how much I love being outside? Yeah, the Texas sun can get a bit toasty, but they scheduled the appointments early in the morning, so it wasn’t too hot, and most of the time we were under this really fun shelter. They had some refreshing water for me, and they made my mom feel right at home with a chair to sit in, and a nice bottle of water for her, too. I’m not really sure why the humans had muzzles on, but I didn’t mind too much, because I was outside with my mom and my veterinary friends, and all was right with the world. My mom liked it,too, because she got to see my veterinary friends, and they could talk about me more easilyall wonderful things, of course. I would definitely recommend this kind of visit to all my doggie friends. 

Bentley Beagle

Service: Telemedicine appointments 

Details: Open to pets who have been examined by our veterinarians in the last year, are being seen for a recheck or skin condition, or whose fear may make an in-person visit difficult, telemedicine visits are conducted from the comfort of your home using Zoom. 

Rating: 5/5 mice

This was the purrrfect visit to my veterinary friends. I mean I like them and all, but my busy napping schedule is disrupted when my humans put me in my cozy transport device to drive me to the clinic. I heard my dad mention that my veterinary friends wanted to see how my skin was doing since I have been eating the new kitty krunchies, so I was expecting to take a trip. Much to my surprise and delight, my dad got out that little electronic device that seems glued to his hand, and my veterinary friends looked at me while I reclined regally in a beam of sunlight. The sunlight brings out the highlights in my fur so much better than the clinic’s fluorescent lighting, and my veterinary friends agreed that not only was I beautifulwhich I obviously already knewbut also that my skin was looking much better. I know my dad said this kind of visit is only happening right now because of something called cat-vid, but I would be perfectly content to visit my veterinary friends this way all the time. My dad thought it was pretty convenient, too. 

Hannah Himalayan

Service: Zoom curbside appointments

Details: A veterinary technician will bring the pet from the vehicle to an exam room. Pet owners can view the examination, and talk with the veterinary team from the safety of their car using Zoom, with no masks required for owners. 

Rating: 5/5 bones

Yo guys. This new appointment style is totally rad! I got to go inside the clinic by my lonesome, and visit with all my veterinary dudes and dudettes. While I was busy mooching treats, I heard my human roommate’s voice, but couldn’t find him, until I realized there was a little talking picture of him on the counter. A bit strange, but whatevs. When I got back to our domicile, I heard him tell his girlfriend that he liked spying on me during my appointment, because he could check whether I was behaving, and he got to see my veterinarian, too. I got treats, and some lovin, and my owner felt connected with my fabulous veterinary team as he sipped his iced coffee in the car, so it looks like a win-win situation fo sho. 


Our reviews speak, bark, and meow for themselves. Pets find our new exam options fun and stress-free, and their humans love being able to interact with the veterinary staff in a more personal, yet still-safe fashion. Give us a call to see which exam option would be the best fit for you and your pets.