What Is Feline Enrichment and Why Is It Important?

Your house cat likely isn’t offered nearly as many enrichment activities as your dog, unless they are leash-trained. While your pooch is out and about, sniffing a thousand different scents each day, your cat is reduced to eating and sleeping inside. Feline enrichment reduces your indoor cat’s boredom and stress. Like puzzles for people and [...]

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I Want That Doggy In the Window: How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Family

Before rushing out to bring home the first pup who catches your eye, schedule a family meeting and ask every family member to answer the following pet-selection questions.  Question: Why do we want a dog? Answer: In addition to the obvious adorable factor, why does your family really want a dog? Do you want a [...]

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What Is My Dog Saying? How to Read Canine Body Language

Learning a new language is never easy, especially from an entirely different species. While many pet owners believe they understand what their dog is saying, they often make mistakes. For example, if your dog is wagging their tail, that does not automatically mean they’re happy. It can also be a sign of high arousal, intense [...]

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